Welcome to Russian Recording

Professional recording studio in the heart of Bloomington, IN.
A warm and friendly space suited for music of any style.

New Gear, Fresh New Space

April 26, 2015

We are in the middle of repainting and redesigning the interior of the studio. We are very stoked about a cleaner, brighter, more and more focused look to the space, as well as improvements in comfort, ergonomics and acoustics. Thanks to the team at Color Theory Inc for making the space look incredible. Pictures coming soon.

Got some NEW GEAR:
Otari MX-80 2" 16/24 Track Tape Machine
Burl Audio Mothership A/D/A (16 in/24 out)
Antelope Audio 2Pure Mastering A/D/A
Neumann U47 FET
Sony C37p Vintage Tube Mic
LOMO 19A9 Vintage Tube Mic (all original)
2 x Altec 150 Coke Bottle Vintage Tube Mics
2 x Royer R121 Ribbon Mics (matched)
2 x Josephson E22s Mics
2 x Sony C48
Beyer M260 Ribbon Mic
Thermionic Culture Earlybird 2.2 Tube Preamp/EQ
Retro 2A3 Stereo Pultec EQ
Charter Oak PEQ-1 Stereo EQ
Charter Oak SCL-1 Stereo Compressor
Purple Audio M77 1176 Compressor
2 x Dave Hill Titan Compressors
2 Channel Calrec 1161 Vintage Preamp/EQs
4 Channel John Hardy Twin Servo Pre-amps

Back to Work

March 26, 2014

Although the studio has technically been open for the past two years, Russian Recording has sort of been on hiatus. Mike's cat got super famous and it took over his life - in a good way. But he's finally found some time to put into the studio, and has recently upgraded with a whole crap load of awesome new gear (mics, A/D converters, preamps, EQs, compressors), installed ProTools, hired a new engineer, Max Mullen, and they are stoked about making records again.

Expect a much more detailed update in the coming weeks. And/or sign up for the newsletter: http://eepurl.com/jPphT


New Site / New Gear / New Guy

March 9, 2012


After more than two years in the making, the new Russian Recording website is finally online. We couldn't be happier with how it turned out, and it was well worth the wait. We would like to thank Lane Fujita for his hard work, the insane hours he's put into the site and of course for the amazing ideas and overall design. This is all his work, he's a total badass.

Be sure to check out the updated Audio Page, we've uploaded over 70 new tracks which are now organized by musical style to make it easier to hear our work in the style that interests you or best fits your own musical taste. The new tour page has beautiful photos (by William Winchester Claytor) and detailed descriptions of our facilities. Our gear page has been updated with all of our newest additions (listed below), and we've also added a Space Rental section to our Rates page if you're interested in renting out the studio for an event.


Mike Stucker of Wolfgang Michael Sound has been working on modifying and updating our recently acquired Sphere Eclipse Alpha Series II console. He's added an inline monitor path to the board, recapped every card and EQ, added more routing flexibility, new switches and pots, installed custom engraved face plates for all the new features and cleaned up the signal path. He will also be installing all new faders, polarity reversal on every channel and new phantom power switches in the near future. The new modifications and improvements have made this amazing sounding console a real pleasure to work on, considerably more reliable and more conducive to the workflow of a modern recording session.

We've also added some pretty amazing new gear to our racks, mic cabinet and instrument/amp collection. Some of our newly acquired pieces include the Thermionic Culture Phoenix variable-mu valve compressor, a Tonelux Equalux equalizer, a KUSH Audio Clariphonic parallel equalizer, a Manley ELOP limiter, UBK Fatso compressor, the Electrical Audio EAPre 2 channel microphone preamp, a stereo pair of Coles 4038 ribbon microphones, a pair of Beyer M160 ribbon microphones, an Earth 59 Bassman copy combo, and several other amps and instruments. For a complete list of our equipment selection, check out our Gear page.


We've got a new guy working at the studio now. He goes by Mike Kapinus because that's his real name. Mike is available for hire as a session engineer and also runs the PA at our events. Mike has played with many local and touring bands including Magnolia Electric Co, Throwing Stars, Whippoorwill, The Hollows and surely a whole bunch of others. He also sings opera and in choirs and stuff, and is an amazing multi-instrumentalist. He's done live sound all over town for years and now he's doing it here. Let us know if you would like to book a session with this super cool dude.